Is There a Problem with Your Order?


What Should I Do If the Product I Ordered Arrives Fake or Broken?

April 17, 2024

In the event your order arrives fake or broken, it is important to document the situation immediately and follow these steps:

Take Photos: Take detailed photos to document the damage or the counterfeit nature of the product.

Contact the Traveler: Communicate with the traveler who delivered the product to report the issue.

Contact Support Team: Send an email to including the issue and the photos you’ve provided to get in touch with us.

Request a Return or Exchange: If the product is fake or damaged, you can request a return or exchange.

Please do not proceed to the “Order Received” step without contacting us. At Glocalzone, we are here to resolve any issues and assist you in the best way possible. Your satisfaction and safety are our priority at every step.