The answers to your questions about the order cancellation are in this content!


Cancelation Of An Order

June 21, 2023

What if I would like to cancel my order ?

You can cancel a request if you haven’t paid for it yet. The cancellation can be also be done after your payment just before the traveler’s purchase. However, cancellation is not allowed after the traveler purchases the product. Email us at to request a refund with the details of the order, traveler, and yourself and we will contact you shortly about your request!

What happens if the traveler cancels my order?

If a traveler cancels your order, we will give you a refund and match you with a different traveler so that you can still get the product(s) you wish!

The product(s) I received was/were damaged or missing.

You can request a refund within a maximum of 48 hours of receiving the order. You should always check the product’s status before confirming the delivery. Also, please note that Glocalzone is not responsible for damaged products.