You made your payment for your order, but want to cancel and don't know how? We are here to help!


I Want to Cancel My Order, What Should I Do?

April 3, 2023

There are 2 situations when you want to cancel your order:

If the traveler has not bought your order,

  1. First make sure you notify the traveler that you want to cancel your order so that s/he does not purchase the product(s) you requested.

  2. If the product(s) has not been purchased yet, click on the button or the Summary tab, and then click the Cancel Order button.

  1. From the Refund Request page, specify your problem and press the Request Refund button.
  1. Let the traveler approve, then our support team will take quick action to refund your payment and inform you about the process. 🎉

If the traveler has purchased your order, then you can cancel the order only with the approve of the traveler.

If the traveler informs that they can return the purchased product(s) and approves the order cancellation within the application, our support team will act quickly to refund your payment and inform you about the process.

We’ll always be waiting for you at for any questions you have!