Traveler brought the orders, how will you get them?


How Will I Receive My Order?

April 13, 2024

There are 2 ways to get your order:

  1. You can meet with the traveler and get your order,
  1. You can ask the traveler to ship your order to you.

There are several important points you should pay attention to when receiving your order:

Inspect the Product Thoroughly: Before accepting the product, carefully check its condition, authenticity, and whether it matches your order. Make sure the product is undamaged and has the features you want.
Check the Packaging: Check if the packaging is damaged. Damage during packaging could have harmed the product itself.
Review the Documents: Examine the invoice, warranty card, and user manual that come with the product. Ensure these documents are complete and correct.
Test the Product: If possible, test the basic functions of the product when you receive it. If it’s an electronic product, check if it works.
Take Photos: When you receive the product, take photos to document the condition of the product and the package. In case of any issues, these photos can serve as supportive evidence.
Confirm Delivery: If everything looks good, confirm the receipt of your order on the Glocalzone platform. However, if you notice any issues, please contact us at before moving to the “Order Received” step.
These steps will help you safely receive your order and prevent potential problems. If you have any concerns or issues, the Glocalzone Support Team is happy to assist you.