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Traveler Reward

What Are the Limits for Traveler Reward?

March 8, 2022

Will I pay the traveler reward I see on the summary screen?

Glocalzone recommends travelers a Traveler Reward relative to the product price. However, travelers can update these prices in the deal stage after the bargain.

How can we change the traveler reward?

During the deal stage, you should discuss the traveler reward details. You should also consider any extra fee that may be charged when purchasing products and add them to the traveler reward. 🙂 After both sides agree, traveler will send a product price and traveler reward change request. After these requests are approved by the shopper, the payment stage will be started.


Traveler requests way too much traveler reward, what should I do in this situation?

Traveler reward range may vary between %10-15, and the system will not allow users who want to exceed those limits. So if you are going to shop and the traveler tries to charge the traveler reward outside of this range, the system will not allow this limit to be exceeded.

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