We have compiled everything you need to do to be involved in the Glocalzone experience.


How it works for Travelers?

January 13, 2023

With Glocalzone, you can reduce your travel costs or even get your travel for free. We are serious… Our goal is for you to earn as you travel, travel more as you earn.


Add your current travel to the system, then click the “See Matched Orders” button to see the orders that match with your travel, and go to your travel’s detail page.


Click the “See All” button to check all the orders that match your travel, start a conversation by choosing the most suitable orders for you. Remember, shoppers cannot message you, so act immediately to catch the most advantageous orders!

When you start a conversation with a “Paid Order”, you don’t have to deal with any bargain. You can directly and safely buy the products. When you start a conversation with Boosted or unpaid orders, you first have to agree on the final prices with the shopper. Then the shopper makes the payment and you buy the products.

When talking with shoppers, always make sure the products you’ll bring will fit easily in your suitcase.


When your travel is over, you can deliver the products by hand or courier as agreed with the shopper, then your money will be transferred to you - You can withdraw it from your “Wallet” in seconds!