Your guide to order creation is here!


How can I create an Order?

June 20, 2023

When creating order in Glocalzone;

  • You can choose what you want from the products in the system


  • You can create an order by adding the link to the product you want!

Remember, the products you can order are not limited to the products in the system, you can add any product that complies with the Glocalzone rules and create an order! If you wonder how to add products How do I add a product with a link? you can read our article.

After adding your product or selecting it on the system, you can create your order. Then travelers who can bring your order to you will contact you. A traveler contacted me, now what? if you wonder how the process goes How does Glocalzone work for those who want products? You can take a look at our article.

During this whole process, you can always send us your questions and feedback via [email protected] mail address!