Learn how to add products via link!
How to Add Products Via Link?
Glocalzone A.October 25, 2020

So how do you add a product with a link?

  1. Click the “Start Shopping” button on the Discover screen. 💰
  1. Click the “Add Product via Link” button on the page that opens. 🧐
  1. Search for the product in the search engine that will appear and after entering the page you want to select, click “Use URL” button.
  1. Wait a moment so we can get the product information from Link!⏳
  1. Write the price of your product, choose the countries where it can be purchased, and the category. So you can match with the travelers more easily!
  1. After entering the details of the product, click the “Submit” button.
  1. Select the country where you want to deliver your order from and the country where you will receive the order. Finally, hit the “Order” button. You created your order! Now you can get your product with the Glocalzone! ✅

It is that easy to get the product you want with Glocalzone! 🤩

Let’s go, start shopping with Glocalzone! 🛒