Have a look at the safe world of Glocalzone!


Is Glocalzone Safe?

April 3, 2023

🌎 Glocalzone is a platform that matches those who want products from abroad and those who can bring them in, and that aims to provide a complete secure overseas shopping experience with global methods.

Let’s have a look at the safe world of Glocalzone!

✅ The payments are kept securely on the Glocalzone account until the shopper receives the products and confirms the delivery. When the delivery is confirmed, the payment is transferred to the traveler.

✅ Travelers buy the requested products from the shops themselves and they have complete knowledge about the product details.

✅ After the payment is made, travelers can buy the products safely with their own budget. Glocalzone mediates between the shopper and the traveler to guarantee the payment. The shoppers make the payment to Glocalzone and the travelers get the payment after the delivery.

Note: If you don’t get your product or you get a different product from the one in your conversation on the system, your money will be returned to you without any cuts.

✅ Glocalzone’s term of use requires conformity to international airport safety regulations and to international import/export and customs law. We suggest that you look into the customs law of the country that you order from or you travel to before making the payment of your order. Glocalzone has some restrictions to prevent the order of illegal products. The orders that violate our terms of use will be canceled immediately.

✅ Glocalzone, having graduated from the Workup program of Turkey İş Bank, is a partnered start-up in cooperation with Visa Europe. It also cooperates with companies such as Vakıfbank and Vodafone to provide you with more advantageous shoppings.

✅ To maintain our secure environment, the Glocalzone team is always ready to help you at help@glocalzone.com. We’re here in case of any problems. ✌