Find out how you can start earning money!


How Do I Start Earning?

February 7, 2023
  1. After you make your travel plan, add your travel to Glocalzone by clicking to “Add Travel” button. The sooner you add your travel, the more money you earn!
  1. Add a payment method to withdraw your earnings after delivering the products. 💳
  1. Glocalzone will match you with the most profitable orders. Take a look at your “Matched Orders” from your travel details and start conversations with shoppers to bring the most suitable orders for you. 🌎
  1. Check the product prices and agree on the traveler reward , then confirm the order so that the shopper can make the payment. 🚀
  1. Now wait for the shopper to make the payment. Once the payment is made, you can buy the products safely . After this stage, the order can be cancelled only with the traveler’s approval. Therefore, your paymentis fully secured . ✅
  1. Did you buy the products? Reach the shopper a few days before your travel, set the delivery details and deliver the products. 📦
  1. You delivered the order, now all you have to do is withdraw your earnings from your wallet! 💶 🌎

Glocalzone is with you on your travels! ✈️ If you have any questions, reach us via! 💌