Find out how you can earn more money!


How Can I Earn More Money?

June 21, 2023

Here are some tips for you!

1) Don’t forget to add your travel at least a few weeks before your travel date! This way you can collect more orders earlier, and increase your earnings. You’ll also have enough time to buy all the products requested from you! ✈️

No traveler will be left without an order in the limitless world of Glocalzone! 🤩


2) When adding your travel, make sure that you fill all the details correctly. This way, get matched with the most fitting and profitable orders for you! 💰

3) Definitely, check all your “Matched Orders” and start a conversation with shoppers. You may earn way more money than you think from some orders.

4) Shoppers prefer travelers with higher ⭐ (ratings) who they can communicate with easily. Be fast to respond to messages and have healthy communication with shoppers!