Find out how you can earn more money!


How Can I Earn More Money?

January 15, 2024

Here are some tips for you!

1) Add your travel details at least a few weeks before your travel. This way, you can collect more orders in advance and increase your earnings. ✈️✈️

2) When adding your travel, make sure that you fill all the details correctly. This way, get matched with the most fitting and profitable orders for you! 💰

3) Shoppers prefer travelers who are easy to communicate with and have a high rating. Respond to messages promptly and maintain good communication with shoppers! 🤓

4) Be sure to check all the orders you’ve matched with and start conversations with shoppers. Some orders can earn you much more money than you might expect!

Tips for Catching the Most Profitable Orders

✅Although Glocalzone sends the first message for you, make sure to send the next one so that you can have all the details about the order.

✅You may have to wait for a response between 24 - 48 hours after sending a message. If you don’t get a response, you can archive the conversation and focus on other orders.

✅Initiating communication with as many shoppers as possible increases your chances of matching with the most profitable ones.

✅Sorting orders by the newest ones, rather than filtering them by the highest earnings, will lead you to the quickest earnings.

5) When entering your travel information, if you include round-trip ticket dates, you can see requests from both the country you are traveling to and the country you are returning from. This means double earnings!

For example, if you are going to London and returning to Istanbul a week later, you can carry products from both the UK to Turkey and fulfill requests from the UK when you return. This way, you can earn money while traveling and have more experiences in the country you visit with the money you earn!

6) Invite your friends and get a 25% discount!

Invite your friends to Glocalzone using the referral link, and you’ll both receive 25% of the service fee in your wallets from their product delivery or purchase transactions.