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You can easily order any product you can think of from the most preferred e-commerce sites abroad. The countries most preferred by Glocalzone users are America, Germany, England, Canada and the Netherlands, respectively. Below we have listed the most popular overseas stores for you:
As Glocalzone, We Want You to Find Answers to the Following Questions:
- In which stores can I shop in abroad?
- What are the most requested product categories from abroad through Glocalzone?
- How much exactly will I pay for the product I will buy from abroad?
- What benefits does Glocalzone provide you?
Why Should I Use Glocalzone?
Who wasn’t interested in products that are not available in our country or that cannot be obtained due to long shipping times and logistics problems? We're all interested, right? :)
So, if you don't know anyone coming from abroad soon, how can you buy the product you want? Answer: Glocalzone!
Glocalzone gives you two advantages: Thanks to its travelers, Glocalzone allows everyone to access the products they want or need that are not sold in their own country or are very expensive locally. It allows you to buy the product you want from overseas shopping sites and pay at the original price you find there
What should you do to get the product you want?
Download Our App and Sign Up
Create an Order for the Product You Want, Make a Payment
Deal with the Traveler
Get The Product 😊
Peça agora com a Glocalzone!
How Much Exactly Will I Pay for the Product I Will Buy?
There are 4 different payment items: the price of the product in the store + the State Tax amount depending on the state where the product will be purchased, the Traveler Reward to be paid to the traveler (the recommended rate is about 7-10%) and the Glocalzone Service Fee (this rate is about 5%).
Let's take an example to better understand how it works
Let's say you are in Istanbul and you want to buy the latest model mini speaker, worth 1000 Euros, released by JBL. You search for this product on Amazon and publish it as an order in Glocalzone. Then a traveler who is abroad and will return to your country will check out your order and send you a message. If you pay with the “Pay Now” option, you just have to wait for the traveler to purchase and bring the product at no additional cost. If you use the 'Pay Later' option, you'll need to make a deal on the Traveler Reward with the traveler. After the deal stage, you will make your payment to Glocalzone, then the traveler will buy the product with his own budget and deliver it to you when s/he returns. Your money is kept safe with Glocalzone until this time, once delivered, the money is transferred to the traveler.
1) State Tax in addition to the 1000 Euro product price: 80 Euro (approx. 8%, depending on the state in which the product is purchased)
2) Suggested Traveler Reward in addition to your order of 1080 Euros: 85 Euros (between 7% and 10%)
3) Service Fee to be paid to Glocalzone: 50 Euros (average 5%)
As a result, you will pay 1215 Euros for this product in total.


Compre do exterior, ganhe viajando
A Glocalzone é uma plataforma que conecta compradores que querem comprar produtos do exterior a viajantes que querem ter uma renda viajando.
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