Privacy Policy
Última atualização: December 16, 2022

1. Preamble

Your privacy and the security of your personal information matter to us. This Privacy Policy aims to transparently explain and inform you how we collect, use, process, store and transfer your various information including your personal data through the websites of GLOCALZONE which make a reference to this Policy, products, contents, services and application (hereinafter referred to as collectively “Application”) or in connection with such services and online applications applicable to other products offered for you.

This Policy sets forth your right to privacy and how the data protection laws protect you. GLOCALZONE collects certain personal data from users in accordance with this Policy. GLOCALZONE undertakes to strictly comply with the data protection legislation, to respect the confidentiality of all and any personal data received or collected, and to protect such data. GLOCALZONE created this Policy in such a way that you are able to see the care it shows to your personal data.

2. Personal Data and Principles on Collection

Personal data means any information that can be used, alone or in combination with other information, to personally identify an individual including but not limited to name and surname, a mobile phone number, e-mail address, home or physical address or other contact details. In cases where the identity is anonymized or hide, the data may not be accessed. In cases where GLOCALZONE acts in the capacity of the data controller, GLOCALZONE may collect, use, retain and transfer personal data of different kinds about you it grouped it together as stated below:

Identity Data includes name and surname;
Contact Data includes phone number, address, and email address;
Transaction Data relates only to the completion of a transaction and includes bank information, national identity number and phone number for the officers to report the responsibilities;
Technical Data includes Internet protocol address, type and versions of the browser, time zone adjustment and location, browser’s add-on type and versions and platforms and other technologies on the devices through which we use to access to our Website;
Profile Data includes your photos, feedbacks, and survey responses;
Usage Data includes information about how you used our Services or how you submit an inquiry or search through our Website;
Marketing and Communication Data includes your preferences and communication preferences for accepting marketing from us and third parties.
Financial Data includes any information that may be required to facilitate the process such as your credit card number or debit card number, your associated security code, phone number and invoice address when you carry out any financial transaction on one of our Websites.

We do not ask you to provide your personal data in order to access to the general information on the Application. However, in order to collect personal data from you and about you, it employs various methods including the following methods:

Account. In order to make use of certain services offered together with the App, you are required to create an account (“Account”) using one of the following methods. You can create an account by filling out a form on the app. Once you create an account, you are required to furnish us with certain information such as your name, e-mail address and password you will use for the Account.

(a) You can sign in with your email account by clicking the button “sign up” or “log in” with the EMAIL on the App. In this way, the Account will be linked with your email Account. If you opt for this option, then you are required to confirm the link and to confirm the data types of your mail extension (including personal data) that we may obtain from 3rd Party servers including your name, photo, gender, age-range, location and time zone where you are and your email address. You may disable certain Permissions on the setting section of your email Account or revoke the same, but if you do so, certain features of the App may not be available for you. We may retain the above-defined data obtained from the server where your email account is hosted even after you cease to use the relevant account or stop using its functionalities, such as logging in to the app with an email account.

(b) You can log in with your Facebook account (“Facebook Account”) by clicking “connect to” or “log in” with Facebook on the App. In this way, it is ensured that your GLOCALZONE Account is connected to your Facebook Account. If you opt for this option, then you are required to confirm the link and to confirm the data types (including personal data) that we may obtain from Facebook including your Facebook ID no, profile photo, gender, age-range, location and time zone where you are and your email address. You may disable certain Permissions on the setting section of your Facebook Account (on Facebook) or revoke the same, but if you do so, certain features of the App may not be available. We may retain the above-defined data obtained from Facebook even after you cease to use the Facebook platform or stop using Facebook’s functionalities such as signing in Facebook Connect or App.

(c) You can log in with your Apple account (“Apple Account”) by clicking “connect to” or “log in” with Apple on the App. In this way, it is ensured that your GLOCALZONE Account is connected to your Apple Account. If you opt for this option, then you are required to confirm the link and to confirm the data types (including personal data) that we may obtain from Apple including your Apple ID no, profile photo, gender, age-range, location and time zone where you are and your email address. You may disable certain Permissions on the setting section of your Apple Account (on Apple) or revoke the same, but if you do so, certain features of the App may not be available. We may retain the above-defined data obtained from your Apple account even after you cease to use the Apple platform or stop using Apple’s functionalities such as signing in Apple Store or App.

(d) Regardless of whether you have created the Account through a form available on the App or by using Facebook Account or Apple Account, as a part of the account registration process and in connection with your use of the Account, you may opt for providing additional personal data. For the confirmation of your registration, you may send a text message to your mobile phone or email to your email you have provided. If you do not choose to create an account, you may not access to or make use of certain features of the App.

Direct Interactions. If you send us a request for “Contact” by the online form we provide or through the email address we indicate, then you are required to provide certain information such as your name and email address. This contains the personal data you have provided once you created a profile through GLOCALZONE.

Competitions, Sweepstakes, Questionnaires and Other Promotions. We may collect information about you once you participate in a promotion (to which we can sponsor alone or in partnership with one or more third parties). In order for you to participate in one of our promotions, you may be required to provide your name and email address, full address, and/or other contact details. We may also ask you to provide further information about you for certain promotions.

Interactive Forums. You and other Members may be allowed to post comments or other content to certain sections of our Websites such as a discussion board, blog, or other interactive forums. This includes the sections of our App or website through which the Members are able to submit their offers and requests for the delivery services between peers. This shall include travel routes, or a list of products planned to be shipped. Any such information sent by a Member shall be deemed to have been disclosed to the public upon the approval is obtained. The Members are required to pay attention to the information that they have sent and to understand that they may be viewed by the other Member as soon as it is sent. We may collect any information that you or any other members sent about you on one of our Websites including your personal data, and such information may be used by the users having access to the Website. Please keep it in mind when you consider what kind of information you will send.

Usage Data. Once you make use of any of our Websites or gain access to any of them, we may collect your certain usage data formed out of your activities on our Websites including your purchase history, pages displayed, bridges clicked and other transactions you have performed on our Websites. Any of our Websites can also track URL address you have visited before you came to the Website, URL address you will visit next and your Internet Protocol (IP) address or mobile device identifier.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies. The App may use “cookies”, anonymized identifiers, and other tracking technologies so that we provide the App and offer you a personalized information. A cookie, for example, is a small text file that may be used to collect information about the App. The certain cookies and other technologies may be used to remember the personal data such as IP address previously determined by a user. Many browsers allow you to manage the cookies including whether to accept or remove them. Once you receive a cookie, you may set many browsers to inform you or you opt to block the Cookies by your browser.

Third-party Integrated Services. We may host third-party ads and other third-party contents on our App and websites and may integrate the other third party offers. Thereby we allow certain such third parties to collect information about you or your online activities on other websites over time. Any information collected through such integrated technologies is directly collected by such third parties and other authorized parties subject to the privacy policy of the other parties.

Invite Your Friends Service. The App may allow you to invite your friends to use the App by sending an invitation email or sending a message through a third-party such as Facebook or Twitter. If you send an invitation to a friend, we may obtain your email address or username or ID for your third-party service account.

Social Networking Activities. Our apps and websites may include the ability for you and other users to connect to one or more social networking platforms (such as Facebook or Twitter). You can get information once you opt to post about us or to share information other than that on any of these social networking platforms. Please note that any information that you or others send to a social networking platform can be accessible by any user of this platform subject to the terms of service and privacy policy.

● We use the information collected in-house to improve our marketing efforts, to analyze Website and App usage and social activities, to improve our content and product offerings, and to organize Website and App content and layout in accordance with the need. This allows us to improve the Website, App and Services and to better adapt your online experience.

3. Collection Methods and Processing Purposes of Your Personal Data and Information

Your personal data and information shall be processed in accordance with the law and in a way specified by good faith, connected with, limited and proportionate to the purposes for which they are processed and accurate and up-to-date and for specific and clear and legitimate purposes. Although personal data may vary depending on the service we provide and our commercial activity; your personal data collected through automatic and/or non-automatic methods, and/or that you have shared orally, in writing or electronically during your use of the call center, website, text message, social media, mobile apps, websites and our all services without limitation to foregoing, and other data generated through cookies used during your use of our website; may be processed by GLOCALZONE in accordance with the domestic and international legislation for the following purposes,

● To ensure that our legal obligations are fulfilled as required or obliged by legal regulations,
● To carry out the necessary works by the relevant units and to conduct the activities accordingly so that we run our commercial activities in accordance with the legislation and company’s policies,
● To customize the services, products, and projects we offer with the related persons’ liking, usage habits and needs, and recommend the same, as well as to provide information about products, services, and projects,
● To supply services and proposals,
● To provide information about all kinds of promotions, and campaigns,
● To carry our all kinds of marketing and advertising activities,
● To determine the Customer, Travelers, and Member profiles,
● To ensure that all requests, demands, and complaints are to be resolved,
● To fulfill any obligations arising out of the nature of the services,
● To fulfill contractual obligations,
● To provide support services for you under the Agreement and within the framework of service standards,
● To make market researches and statistical studies,
● Marketing, compliance management, vendor/supplier management,
● To plan, audit and execute the information security process,
● To establish and manage information technology infrastructure,
● To follow up the finance and/or accounting transactions including invoicing,
● To follow up the legal affairs,
● To plan and conduct the corporate communication activities,
● To ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date, for the purposes including but not limited to those listed above when you voluntarily provide information to us or subject to your prior consent to the processing.

4. How does GLOCALZONE Use Your Personal Data?

GLOCALZONE will use your personal data for the purposes for which it was collected, only when the law allows us to do this, in other words, as outlined in this Policy or as you will be notified when we collect your personal data, if and when we have a legal reason to do so, and as long as we reasonably believe that we need to use this data for another reason and that reason is compatible with the original purpose. All processing activities conducted by GLOCALZONE shall legally depend on the execution of the membership agreement concluded between you and GLOCALZONE. When we need to use your personal data for any unrelated purpose, we will inform you and disclose the legal ground that authorizes us to do so. Please note that, in cases where permitted or required by the law, we will be able to process your personal data without your knowledge or consent. Please consider that we will be able to process your personal data on one or more legal grounds subjected to the special purpose for which we use your data.

6. When Can We Disclose Your Personal Data?

We may disclose to the individuals and institutions involved in the following matters your personal data you have provided within the reasonable limit and with a bona fide belief through the App;

● Providing information about the website and services on our behalf such as the app, website or services or cloud service providers, email service providers;
● Maintaining, evaluating, or improving our business systems, procedures, or infrastructure, including but not limited to testing or upgrading of our computer systems;
● Transferring the technical activity data to business partners;

In cases where we disclose your personal data to the individuals or institution as is defined below, we require such individuals and institutions to collect and use the personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Please note that if we believe that the use and/or disclosure of personal data is helpful or necessary, there are cases where it may be subject to a reason or it may be permitted or we are obliged to disclose personal data without consent. Such cases may include the following;

● Obligatory cases due to a law or an order of a court, administrative executive institution or official body or legal procedure;
● Execution of this Privacy Policy including prosecuting of potential breaches;
● Detection, prevention or otherwise eliminate the security issues such as identity or address fraud, etc.;
● Prevention any damages to the rights, property, or security of our users, you, or the public,
● Any circumstances that we consider to be necessary to protect the rights, privacy, security, or property of 4D Sight or licensors, subsidiaries, users or other third parties, with the reasonable grounds;
● Any circumstances where the information is publicly available.
We will not disclose the personal data not more than reasonably necessary in cases where we were obliged to disclose your personal data without consent or where it is permitted to do so.

7. Circumstances where You Are Unable to Provide Personal Data

In circumstances where GLOCALZONE needs to collect personal data pursuant to the law or under the terms and condition of the agreement that it has entered into with you and where you are unable to provide such data when you are requested, GLOCALZONE may not perform the agreement it has concluded or is trying to conclude. In this case, GLOCALZONE may have to cancel the services but it shall inform you of the situation. GLOCALZONE strives to apply data reduction techniques in order to improve the quality of personal data being processed and to reduce the risks. Therefore, GLOCALZONE asks only the data it needs for the provision of its services.

8. Affiliate Disclosure

Glocalzone participate in affiliate programs, including (but not limited to) Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. As a Amazon Associate Glocalzone earn from qualifying purchases.

9. Travelers

As the provision of our services involves bringing travelers and customers together in order to meet your request, the appropriate personal data shall be transferred to the relevant travelers who need to process your personal data, thereby he/she will be able to contact you.

We require all and any third parties to respect the security of your personal data and require the travelers to do so, and we ask them to treat your personal data in accordance with the law. We do not allow any other third party we assign to use your personal data for their own purposes and we only allow them to process your personal data in accordance with our instructions and for specified purposes.

10. Marketing

We endeavor to offer options for you regarding certain personal data usages in particular marketing and advertising. We may use your Identity, Contact, Technic, Usage, and Profile data to indicate what we think about things you may ask or may need or may be interested in. We thereby conclude what kind of products, services and offers may relate you (we name it marketing). For this reason, for marketing purposes, we use the Google Analytics tool, and when you request information from us and you do not stop using this marketing, you will only be accepting marketing communications from GLOCALZONE.

11. Cookies

The cookies are small pieces of data stored by a user’s web browser on the user’s hard drive for a while. Cookies can record the information they access in order to use information to simplify a user’s subsequent interactions with this website by the same user on a web page or to facilitate user operations on related web pages. Cookies make it easier for a user to move from a web page to other web page and complete their transactions online. We use “cookies” to ease your use to GLOCALZONE and to provide better services.

GLOCALZONE also uses “cookies” to retain and sometimes monitor the information to make your online experience easier and personal. We collect the foregoing technical data through cookies depending on the legal grounds of an agreement.

Most of the main web browsers have default settings to accept cookies, however, you can change the preferences of your computer to give a warning when a cookie is downloaded, or to disable third parties’ ability to download a cookie to you. If you opt to reject all cookies, some sections of the Website and App are possible to functioning improperly.

12. Opt-out

You can cease to receive marketing communications by contacting us at any time through the following methods.

● Please email us via help[at] indicating your full name, address, zip code and email address you actually use.
● You can opt-out of our email database by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of all marketing e-mail communications coming from us.
● You can also update your communication preferences (SMS, e-mail notification) in the “Settings” section of the GLOCALZONE app.
● Even if you opt to receive foregoing emails; you can send an email in response of the administrative emails (for example in connection with a password reset request) with a “Contact” request necessary to make the App easier for your use.

13. Data Security

The security of personal data is important to us. We do comply with the generally accepted sectoral standards including administrative, physical and technical security measures which are appropriate to ensure the protection of your personal data furnished us and to prevent accidental loss, unauthorized use or access, modification or disclosure of your personal data. The third-party processors may only process your personal data in accordance with our instructions and they are subject to the confidentiality obligations. In order to effectively oversee the third-party processing activities, we included penal clauses in the data processor agreement.

We implemented procedures to deal with any suspected personal data violation, and we will inform you and any applicable regulator of a violation when we are legally required to do so, about a violation. Except for the circumstances related to the government/official authorities (we have no control over them), we take appropriate steps to ensure that any person to whom we transfer your personal data keeps this data safe and uses it only for the purpose of providing their services and does not collect any personal data from you during performing services. However, no transfer method or electronic retention method on the Internet is 100% safe. Therefore, although we use acceptable tools in order to protect personal data within reasonable limits, we are unable to guarantee absolute security or confidentiality. If you have any questions about security on the service, you can contact us via help[at]

14. Retention of Personal Data

We will retain the information as long as we need for the purposes for which they are processed. Each data category and their relevant retention periods are listed below:

Name (During GLOCALZONE membership period)

Surname (During GLOCALZONE membership period)

Email (During GLOCALZONE membership period)

Country (During GLOCALZONE membership period)

Phone Number (During GLOCALZONE membership period)

IBAN (During GLOCALZONE membership period)

National ID No (During GLOCALZONE membership period)

We will effectively review the information we retain and when no legal and commercial reason is available for their retention any more or if the customer does not need anymore, we will securely erase them, or we will anonymize such information in certain cases.

15. Rights of Data Subject

By getting in contact with us at any time via the email address or phone number given on our website; (i) you can see what is the data about you, (ii) you can change/correct any data we have about you, (iii) you cause us to delete any data we have about you, (iv) you can state your concerns regarding our use of your data and you can revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data.

16. Children and Minors

You must be at least 18 years old to become a Member of GLOCALZONE. GLOCALZONE Apps, websites and services are not for children and GLOCALZONE does not intentionally collect or retain any personal data from persons under the age of 18.

Only to support the internal operations of the websites and the Apps, and as part of the services offered, if necessary, we collect information about children from you and we will safely handle such information in order to provide such services (as permitted by the applicable law).

If we get to know the unauthorized collection of any personal information of a child, we will take appropriate actions to delete such information. If you are a parent or guardian and you find out that your child has provided us with such personal data, in this case, you may get in contact with us via the email address or full address given at the end of this privacy policy and you may request that such information is deleted from our systems.

17. Complaints

If you would like to make a complaint about the GLOCALZONE’s storing, using and processing way of your personal data, you have the right to make a complaint at any time to the supervisory body that deals with the data protection issues of your country of residence.

18. External Websites

From time to time our Apps and Websites may contain links to common networks, advertisers, and subsidiaries of GLOCALZONE. If you follow a link on any of such websites, please note that such websites have own privacy policy and we do not assume any responsibility or obligation for that policies therein. GLOCALZONE shall not be held liable for the content of external websites, and before disclosing any information, you are recommended to read the privacy policy of external websites.

19. Approval and Amendments to the Privacy Policy

You have no legal obligation to provide us with your personal data and by this document, you confirm that the provision of your personal data is as a result of your own free will. By using the App, you consent to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and to our collection, processing and sharing of personal data for the purposes specified herein. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not access, or otherwise use our websites and the App.

From time to time, we may develop new services or offer additional services. If and when the introduction of such new or additional services causes any change in the way we collect or process your personal data, we shall provide you with more information and additional terms or policies. Such new or additional services shall be subject to this Privacy Policy unless otherwise provided.

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy by our own will and at any time. When necessary, any amendments to this Privacy Policy shall be published here. In the event that the amendments are essential, we may also send them to our registered user via email and we may obtain your consent for such amendments if the law requires to do so. Unless otherwise provided, the amendments shall take effect ten (10) days after the publication of the amended Privacy Policy on the App, and your use to the App thereafter shall mean your consent to the amendments.

20. Opting out

You may always opt for whether to give your personal data. If you choose not to provide mandatory personal data, you may continue to visit the other sections of the App but you are not able to access certain options, programs, campaigns, offers and services, which requires interaction with you.

21. Access/Accuracy

We intend to keep accurate personal data to the extent you provide us. If you would like to delete or correct any personal data we retain, you may use the tools available on the App or submit your request via help[at] Your email should comprise the details of your request.

22. Merger, Sale or Bankruptcy

If a third-party organization takes us over or we merge with it or in case of bankruptcy or similar case, we reserve the right to transfer and assign any personal data regarding foregoing situations.

We, GLOCALZONE, attach utmost importance to the security of your personal data, and we would like to point out that we continue our activities with the awareness that the security of your personal data is at the forefront in all the products, campaigns, promotions, projects and services we offer for you.

23. Contact Us

You can contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or personal data and the way we use them, including any request to exercise your legal rights,

● By sending your request to our support unit via help[at],
● by mail to “Veskiposti 2, 10138, Tallinn, Estonia”.

Cookie Policy of Glocalzone

We, GLOCALZONE (“Our Company”) attach great importance on the security of your personal data, as the visitor of (“Website”). We use the utmost care for the processing and protection of your personal information in accordance with legal regulations.

GLOCALZONE publishes this Policy in order to inform you about the cookies used and your personal data processed wherewith.

Your Personal Data Processed Through Cookies

What Kind of Cookies Do We Use?

The cookies are small text files harbor the data which are formed by an Internet site on your computer and in name-value format. Therefore, the cookies we use when you visit our site make it possible for your device to store information about your visit to the site and to use that information during your subsequent visits.

Cookies created by our Websites that can only be read by our Websites are primary cookies.

The content offered on our websites is also provided through other domain names other than the domain name at the access address. In this case, each domain name creates its own unique third party cookies.

The types of cookies we use on our Websites and the purposes thereto are listed below:

1. Session Cookies

Session cookies are valid during your visit to our Websites and keep their validity until you close your internet browser.

2. Persistent Cookies

These cookies are stored on your computer and remain valid until you erase them, or they expire.

3. Mandatory Cookies

They are the cookies, use of which is mandatory for the proper functioning of our websites and so that you make use of the features and services offered of our websites.

4. Functional and Analytical Cookies

They are the cookies that are used for the purposes of remembering your preferences and your behavior during your visit to our websites and of efficiently using our websites, of optimizing our Websites to meet your requests, and that contain data about how you use the website. By nature, such cookies may contain your personal data. Through such cookies, for example, your language preference for viewing our Websites is processed.

5. Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies are primary and third-party cookies that are formed during your visit to our Websites and to the domains of third parties through our Website. Such cookies enable to track your click and visit history in the domains where they were created and to match these records between different domain names. Such cookies are processed and used to collect your preferences and behaviors and to conduct advertising and marketing activities if and only by anonymizing them. In other words, we would like to indicate that the cookies of this kind may not be used to identify you or to make a tailor-made decision on you. Tracking cookies shall only be used upon your explicit consent.

Through third-party cookies we use on our Website we aspire to offer you a more efficient and functional Internet experience. When you interact with the services offered by GLOCALZONE, third-party service providers may also use cookies. Third parties consist of search engines, measurement and analytical service providers, social media networks and advertising companies. Third parties use cookies during the process of presenting the promotional content, measuring the effectiveness of the promotion, and performing the services on behalf of GLOCALZONE, including the promotions based on your point of interest. Any information collected through such integrated technologies is directly collected by such third parties and other authorized parties subject to the privacy policy of the other parties.

Storing and Accessing Cookies

Cookies created by our Websites are stored on your device by the browser of the website through which you use to access to our Websites. The information contained in these cookies is accessible only by our Websites offered under the domain name ( which creates the cookie and a remote access is possible if you use the same browser.

It Is Up To You to Accept Cookies

Your internet browsers automatically accept cookies, which are typically used on sites you visit. The use of cookies is not mandatory to use our Websites, however if you set your browser to block all cookies, the quality of your user experience may decrease and prevent you from accessing our Websites or using the various functions of our Websites.

You can configure your browser to block cookies for all sites or specific sites, alert when a cookie is created, block third-party cookies, or treat all cookies as session cookies.

On the other hand, you can delete cookies saved on your device through your browser, or view and track the list and values of these cookies.

Website Analysis

GLOCALZONE, as may be suitable for regulatory purposes, may be able to transfer your information including the collected personal data to third-party service providers such as Google Firebase and Google Analytics, which offer internet analytics services as reasonably necessary and appropriate to provide services.

In line with your prior consent or in accordance with the rules set out above, Google will analyze your use of our website on our behalf. To this end, we use the cookies including but not limited to the ones defined above in detail. The information collected by Google while using the website (for example referring URLs, information on which pages of our website you have visited, your browser type, language options, operating system, screen resolution) shall be sent to Google’s servers and stored and analyzed there. The relevant results may be submitted to us in anonymized form. In this process, your use may not be able to correlate with your full IP address. IP anonymization function offered by Google is enabled. Moreover, Google is certified under EU-US Privacy Shield which set out that the appropriate protection level is ensured for the data to be processed in the USA.

You can revoke the consent you have granted for analysis of the website at any time by installing and placing the Browser Plugin program offered by Google or by managing your consent where the opt-out setting is available. For additional information about Google Analytics, see the Google Analytics Terms of Service, Google Analytics Security and Privacy Principles, and Google Privacy Policy. For additional information about the type of information we collect see our Privacy Policy published at (

Contact Us

You can contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or personal data and the way we use them, including any request to exercise your legal rights,

● By sending your request to our support unit via help[at],
● By sending a mail to “Veskiposti 2, 10138, Tallinn, Estonia”.