Here's a close look at Mylo and its owner's overseas shopping experience! 🎈


Mylo’s Glocalzone Experience

2 Şubat 2023

What did you bring through Glocalzone? How was the experience of buying a different product from abroad?

My first and continuous order that led me to use Glocalzone was a Khiel’s Cuddly-Coat Grooming shampoo that was not available in Turkey and that had a special meaning to me. I bought the product on behalf of my dog through Glocalzone. Although it is impossible to buy this product in Turkey, I am able to say we were able to achieve the impossible thanks to Glocalzone. The biggest meaning of this product is that my dog will be able to have a comfortable bath. Also, my dog acquired a product that could care and cleanse his sensitive skin.My biggest motivation and excitement were that my dog will have a nice bath hours thanks to Glocalzone. Plus, while no one around me was able to bring this product, Glocalzone was able to help me reach out to my product after 1-2 minutes of sharing.


How was your Glocalzone experience? How was the delivery process? Could you explain these questions to us in more detail?

As pet owners, when we take animals into our lives, they become like a child to us. Therefore, we think similarly about their needs and concerns just like when we meticulously take care of ourselves. As you know, in Turkey, we are not always able to find what we want and the real trouble starts here. At first, I started using Glocalzone with hesitation because I did not have any knowledge of its functions. Naturally, there was also a tension of using the application for the first time. After 1-2 unsuccessful attempts, my request was answered quickly by my traveler. We mutually trusted each other and after I paid via Glocalzone’s secure payment system, my product was shipped. By counting the days, talking through the application continuously, we have reached our shampoo with great excitement. I have the product right now and I am very happy. Thank you very much to the Glocalzone family and the traveler who brought me this product.


Would you recommend Glocalzone to your friends? Why?

Of course, I will recommend it. Through Glocalzone, they can safely reach out to products that are not available in their country or sold at higher prices. Also, I will definitely use Glocalzone again. I can only reach out fast to products that are not available in my country through Glocalzone.