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Glocalzone Experiences in 2020 ­čÄä
Glocalzone A.December 31, 2020


ÔÇťI often travel from New York to Istanbul. I am reducing my travel expenses thanks to the orders I bring with Glocalzone.ÔÇŁ


ÔÇťI got the Huawei Matebook I had wanted for a long time with a traveler from China, thanks to Glocalzone. It took me 13 days to download the application and receive the product.ÔÇŁ


ÔÇťI have been following the Apple Watch 6 for a long time and I could not find it in stocks. I asked for the product from a traveler coming from the United States on Glocalzone. I was able to receive my watch without any problems.ÔÇŁ


ÔÇťI ordered GoPro 9 and DJI Mini 2 with Glocalzone. I got the products at an affordable price and received them safely. I am happy with the experience.ÔÇŁ


I was able to get the supplements I use regularly because of my allergic nature via a traveler coming from Germany on Glocalzone. It was much more affordable. I am very happy that I chose Glocalzone for my overseas shopping.ÔÇŁ