100,000 members stepping into the borderless world of Glocalzone in 2019, we have expanded borderless world even further!


Stepping into the Borderless World | Here is What We Received from Abroad in 2019!

February 3, 2023

Comic Figure | Furkan

Furkan and his comic figure

I’ve been collecting figures for comic books I’ve loved since childhood. I started collecting rare pieces. But it’s not possible to find figures in Turkey. When you want from abroad shipping costs are too expensive. In this sense, Glocalzone is a chance for me, and I can safely bring the product I want, and I have avoided paying ridiculous shipping costs. The figure in my hand is the last product I wanted from travelers at Glocalzone. Thanks to my traveler and the Glocalzone team!

DJI Osmo Pocket | Efe 🎥

Efe and DJI Osmo Pocket

I’ve tried many products while creating content on Youtube for my followers. It was so important to me that the products I used should be portable. So when Pocket DJ Osmo first came out, it was so exciting but had not yet come to Turkey. I’ve ordered it from Glocalzone via advice that I saw on a forum. It’s such a perfect product that makes me step forward in social media.

Analog Camera | Fatmanur 😎

Fatmanur and her camera

I’m a vintage lover. I collect old vintage cameras, but unfortunately, there are very few options in Turkey. I had bought many vintage items before traveling abroad and used Glocalzone to make extra cash during my travels. This time I wanted to order this old machine with Glocalzone. I took this photo on my last trip, and now I’m in Germany, I can bring anything you want, if you have a request, check my Glocalzone account. 🙂

Instax Mini | Ekin 🤩📷

Ekin and Instax Mini

I have been trying to produce content that can inspire people in social media for a long time. I wanted to use Instax Mini while shooting my photos but is sold at a high price in Turkey for a student. I requested the Instax Mini for half of its Turkey price from a traveler in Glocalzone. Thanks to the Glocalzone team and my sweet traveler. 🙂

Narciso Perfume | Feride 🛍

Feride and her perfume

Many fragrances bothered me before because of my breathing problems, but Narciso was one of the most suitable smells. Its price incredibly increased in Turkey to get it. I was a bit hesitant when my friends come to the idea of ​​ordering it via Glocalzone. When I heard that my money was not handed over to the traveler until I get the product and approve, I immediately ordered it. Loves for the Glocalzone team!

MSI Gaming Laptop | Mustafa 👨‍👦🎮👾

Mustafa, his son and MSI Gaming Laptop

My son is a complete game lover. I was browsing a gamer pc for my son’s birthday this year. When I looked at the prices, I realized that I could not give these funny prices to a computer. I previously had used Glocalzone to bring my wife a make-up kit, but there was no secure payment system then. When I learned that the secure payment system was coming, I immediately ordered MSI via a traveler who is coming from Germany. The smile on my son’s face when he took the computer was one of the memories we will never forget.