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How Enes Made Money with Glocalzone?

October 31, 2023

How has your Glocalzone experience been so far? How do you do the deliveries?

I’ve brought over 100 orders since I started using Glocalzone, and I’ve never faced an issue with my deliveries or shipments. Due to living in Ankara, I’ve made all my deliveries by shipping. The fun side of shipping is that shoppers usually reach out to compliment on my packaging. I pay close attention to packaging so that products don’t get damaged.

How much have you made with Glocalzone so far?

I can’t give the exact numbers due to receiving so many orders but I can confidently say that it covers all my flight expenses, and finances other small expenses I have. It’s around $1700 if I were to make a guess.

A photo from Enes's trip

What orders do you bring to shoppers?

I’ve made over 100 deliveries so far. The most interesting ones were: top part of a Mazda branded car, blue colored contact and Japanese anime stickers. The most requested products are from cosmetics, technology and supplement powders.

What was your biggest motivation when using Glocalzone?

The fact that users request affordable products I am not aware that I also need for myself is my biggest motivation. This way I can purchase the product both for the shopper and myself. I have also met a lot of people from various backgrounds via Glocalzone. Prior to my first experience, I had security concerns about using Glocalzone. Then I realized that the shoppers also share the same values and perspective with me and it gave me a lot of confidence in using the app.

Where will your next destination be? Are you going to use Glocalzone on this trip, if so why?

I’ve planned my next trip to the United States in May but I had to postpone due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But I am going to use Glocalzone in my next trip as soon as things go back to normal. I’m grateful that Glocalzone has given me the opportunity to make money and meet new people on my trips!

What was your most remarkable travel experience? Could you please tell us more about it?

I’ve been on a business trip to Dubai and lost my wallet while I was touristing with a friend. I spent hours trying to find the taxi service to get my wallet back and everyone was so chill when I was freaking out about my wallet. I can never forget that day, I almost fainted due to the heat and humidity as well. I cancelled all my credit cards and got a taxi to the airport and I almost missed the flight in the meantime. The Turkish Airline representative told me I’m 10 minutes late for the check-in so I missed the flight and had to go back to the hotel. While I was spending the night at the hotel, my phone rang: It was from the person who found my wallet! He didn’t trust the taxi driver so he gave the wallet to hotel employees. I had mixed feelings about the situation and definitely one of the craziest adventures I had on a trip.

Would you recommend Glocalzone to other travelers? Why?

Definitely! I have many friends that work or study in the U.S. and I think Glocalzone will give them the opportunity to make money from their vacation trips to Turkey.

Enes and his suitcases filled with orders!

¿Tiene algún recuerdo interesante mientras usaba Glocalzone?

Un comprador solicitó suplementos de hierro para su hijo una vez. Usaron y les gustó el producto cuando llegaron por primera vez a los EE. UU. hace 4 o 5 años. Lo busqué en Amazon y variaciones, pero no pude encontrar el producto. Llegué a un punto en el que pediría el producto en cualquier estado al que vaya. Finalmente, un empleado en la ciudad de Nueva York me dijo que el producto ya no se vendía.

¿Cómo ahorras dinero en tus viajes? ¿Cuáles son algunas sugerencias que podría dar a otros viajeros?

Debido a que estudié en los EE. UU. y tengo muchos amigos allí, mis viajes son principalmente allí. Tengo membresías principales en sitios de comercio electrónico como Amazon y Best Buy. Por ejemplo, obtengo descuentos especiales y entregas rápidas y gratuitas en Amazon Prime. Esto me ahorra mucho tiempo y dinero para comprar los productos solicitados. Recomiendo a los viajeros frecuentes de EE. UU. que compren membresías principales para mayor comodidad.