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Traveler Guide

December 22, 2023

Glocalzone is a mobile app that allows you to bring products while travelling and earn money. If you’re wondering how to make money with it, here are all the opportunities and everything you need for your earning journey that Glocalzone offers! ✈️

Let’s Get Earning!

Before we begin, remember that you can reach us at help@glocalzone.com for any questions. However, this guide has answers to all your questions! 🪄

You’ve added your trip to Glocalzone, and verified your email and phone number from your profile. After that, you can view the orders you matched with, in the travel details and start talking to the ones that are suitable for you.

Filtering Matched Travels

You can filter the matched travels by earnings, and publication date, and select the “paid” filter to review the most suitable orders for you.


Tips for Catching the Most Profitable Orders

✅Even though Glocalzone sends the first message for you, make sure to send the next one so that you can have all the details about the order.

✅You may have to wait for a response between 24-48 hours after sending a message. If you don’t get a response, you can archive the conversation and focus on other orders.

✅The more you initiate communication with shoppers, the higher the chance of matching with the most profitable ones.

✅Sorting orders by the newest ones instead of filtering them by the highest earnings will lead you to the quickest earnings.


Price Updates

All prices you see on Glocalzone are estimated prices pulled from the link provided by the product shoppers. Prices may vary depending on your location. Naturally, you should check the product prices and inform the shopper about the price. Afterwards, you can update the product price and delivery fee through the messaging section.

What if I updated the prices?

After the update, wait for the shopper to confirm the prices, and then you can also confirm. This way, after agreeing on the delivery fee and product price, the shopper can make the payment through the Glocalzone secure payment system.

How Does the Secure Payment System Work?

✅After agreeing on all the details, the shopper makes the payment through Glocalzone.

🚨✅Once we see the payment confirmation, you can safely purchase the product. After this stage, no returns will be accepted without the confirmation of the bringer. This way, we protect your earnings after the payment. The shopper can’t cancel the order after receiving it. After delivering the order and having it confirmed by the shopper, your earnings will be available to withdraw from your balance. You can withdraw your earnings to your card whenever you wish.

Things to Consider Before Delivering the Products

✅When the product reaches you, take a picture of it and share it with the shopper through the messaging section.

✅Inform the shopper about when you can send the product to your country and explain how you want to make the delivery.

✅If you will deliver by courier, be sure to record a video while packaging and enter the courier information into the messaging section.

✅These steps will protect you in every situation and ensure that the shopper is informed at every step.

Stay in Touch with the shopper Throughout the Process

It is crucial to report that you have purchased the products, they have reached you, and then they have been delivered. Updating your status by entering the shipping details is essential. This way, both the shopper and we can be informed about the entire process. The status update section in the messaging section changes according to the stage you are in during the transaction.

Collect Your Earnings!

Once you have delivered your order, your earnings will be available to withdraw. You can easily withdraw your payment to your card by adding it. We send your payment in Euros to your card, but the amount you receive may vary depending on your card’s currency.

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