Learn the guidelines for adding products on Glocalzone!


Glocalzone Guidelines For Adding Product

January 23, 2023

Glocalzone automatically controls your product within these rules and matches you with the travelers.

If any of the following applies to your product, it won’t be possible for you to buy it via Glocalzone.

1.If you have added alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarette, and its supplementary, erotic supplies, nonprescription drugs, and related products that are illegal to sell on online platforms,

2.If your product is a plant, seed, or unpackaged food,

3.If any content noncompliant with our community rules has been added to the product explanation, name, image, or brand,

4.If the product you have requested is a living creature,

5.If the product has been added for purchasing or selling of houses, cars, or selling of anything,

6.If it is a second-hand product,

Note that via Glocalzone, travelers can only bring the products that they have purchased themselves. If your product has been purchased before, our safety standards require that you can’t possibly order it via Glocalzone.

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