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How to Shop at Amazon Prime Day?

July 12, 2023

What is Amazon Prime Day and How Does It Work?

Amazon Prime Day is a huge sale that Amazon has for its prime members. A lot of popular products from technological devices to cosmetics will have discounts up to 70%. If you want to buy trending products for very cheap prices, you should not miss this big sale!

Unfortunately, to be able to benefit from this sale, you should be a prime member. Luckily Glocalzone team explains how to be a prime member and have discounts without paying a single penny!

What does prime membership mean?

Prime is a membership that Amazon is serving extra opportunities to the people who are prime members. They have a big range of opportunities from unconditional returning of products to delivering packages the same day. It has a $14.99 fee and a free 30day trial before paying.

We’re going to use the 30-day trial to use the prime membership and here is how:

  1. Click this link and go to the Amazon Prime page!
  1. Click the “TRY PRIME” button on the screen.
  1. Create an Amazon account by clicking “Create your Amazon account”
  1. You’re going to see a payment section. You can enter your credit card information right away because you have the option to cancel your membership in 30 days. 😇

That’s it! You now have a free 30-day Amazon Prime membership. Remember that you have a 30-day trial period if you don’t want your membership to continue with a fee!

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