With the cooperation of Yolcu360 and Glocalzone, you can make your international travels more profitable.


40% International Car Rental Discount!

June 9, 2023

How to Benefit from the Campaign?

·The campaign is exclusive to Glocalzone users.

·The campaign is limited by stocks.

·To benefit from the discount, enter your A4Q5RVR promo code into the promo code usage
area on the yolcu360.com website or the Yolcu360 mobile application to list discounted prices
and complete your rental transaction.

·You can also call the Yolcu360 Guest Center at +1 888 774 74 71 and provide your Yolcu360
discount code to make your rental transaction at discounted prices.

Campaign Conditions

·The campaign is valid for international rentals.

·It is not valid for uses/reservations to be received or returned within the borders of the
Republic of Turkey.

·The campaign is valid for rentals between 1-29 days. Thus, it does not cover monthly and
long-term rentals.

·This offer is valid for rentals that take place between 01.06.2023 - 30.09.2023, and that are
picked up and returned between 01.06.2023 - 31.12.2023. If a vehicle is picked up and/or
returned outside the specified date range, the offer will be deemed invalid from the start.

·The deposit amount of the relevant car group is collected from the customer’s personal credit
card upon pick-up of the car.

·Campaign prices are calculated at a discount over the daily net car rental prices.

·Payments except the car rental fee are not covered by the campaign (deposit, insurance,
equivalent car, drop, drop off fee, etc.).

·The prices are determined by the car rental agents and sent from the integration system
instantly and dynamically. The prices may increase or decrease according to the occupancy
rate on the date of rental, demand, period or according to the initiative of the car rental
companies. Yolcu360 has no authority to intervene in car rental prices or to set prices.

Other Conditions

·The terms of use of the relevant company are valid for the pick-up of the car booked within the
scope of the campaign, and the renter must meet these conditions.

·The campaign cannot be combined with another campaign or promotional code.

·Mentioned car models are accepted as example of the relevant group and at the time of
rental, service can be provided with an equivalent car other than the relevant car group.

·According to car groups, rental operations require a minimum age of 21 years and a driving
license of at least 1 year

·Yolcu360 and Glocalzone reserve the right to change the campaign conditions and/or cancel
the campaign without prior notice.

·For reservation, questions and requests, you can visit Yolcu360.com, contact us from our
social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or call Yolcu360 Call Center at +1 888
774 74 71