A promotion for you to travel cheaper with the partnership of turna.com and Glocalzone.


Good News for Travel Lovers! ✈️ x turna.com

December 22, 2021

Good news for travel lovers from Glocalzone! ✈️

With the partnership of Glocalzone x turna.com, you can get 60 TL discount on your flight tickets on turna.com! 🤝


1.Get your code from Glocalzone. (We’ll be sending you a notification shortly to share the code with you.)

2.Sign up on turna.com website or on the mobile application “Uçak Bileti Turna”. 📱

3.Click on the “Campaign / Discount Coupon Code” field from the menu and enter your code.

That’s it! After entering your code, you will see the prices at a discount of 60 TL in all international flight ticket searches. 🤩

❗️Remember: Within the scope of the campaign, you can only benefit from discounts on round-trip ticket 🌏 purchases abroad.

🎉 BONUS: You can benefit from visa application procedures on turna.com by stating that you are a Glocalzone customer and getting a 10% discount from the service fee. Click now to make your visa pre-application. Turna.com consultants will start your process.