Reduce Travel Expenses with Glocalzone and Pointship!


Buy Your Flight Ticket 60% Cheaper!

March 2, 2023

We know that you love and miss traveling. Glocalzone and Pointship are joining forces for you. We are happy to announce our partnership! 🤝

Are you ready to experience the most affordable travel experience you’ve ever had with Glocalzone and Pointship? 🧳 Let’s get to know Pointship.

Pointship is a mobile app where you can buy plane tickets for up to 60% cheaper using other people’s miles, or you can turn your unused miles/points into cash. ✈️ If you travel frequently or do not want to narrow your budget because of flight tickets, you can download Pointship by clicking HERE!

With Pointship, you will be able to reduce your travel expenses and earn cash from your travels with Glocalzone. 💸 Now, set your following travel route right away and buy your plane ticket with Pointship. Add your travel details to Glocalzone, bring products, earn money from your travel. 🛒

We will refund Glocalzone users 25% of the Pointship service fee if you go to Pointship App via the link above. When you paid to Pointship, please inform us to earn 25% more. 🤘

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the surprise give-aways between Glocalzone and Pointship! 😍