Find out what is Glocalzone!


What is Glocalzone?

December 22, 2021

Thanks to Glocalzone, you can ask travelers from anywhere in the world for that computer you are looking for or the make-up that you cannot find in your country. Or is there an empty space in your luggage waiting to turn into earning? You can earn money by adding your travel to Glocalzone and bringing the requested products from you. 💰

I am a Shopper, how do I start?

To shop from abroad, you no longer need to wait for a friend or relative who is returning from that country!

  1. Search or add the product you want to buy in the Glocalzone mobile app, then create your order.
  2. Get matched with dozens of travelers who can bring you order and start a conversation with them.
  3. Agree on the traveler reward, product details, and make the payment.
  4. When the traveler arrives in your country, pick up your order!

Don’t forget! Your money is safe in your Glocalzone account until you control and confirm that you received your order.

I am a Traveler, how do I start?

Have an upcoming travel?

  1. Add your travel to Glocalzone with all details.
  2. Check all the matched orders for your travel and start conversations.
  3. Make money bringing the orders requested from you.

Reduce your travel expenses or even, get your plane ticket for free! ✈️

Welcome to the borderless world of Glocalzone!