Swanson Premium Ashwagandha Powder Supplement: 450 MG Ashwagandha Root Dried Powder - Pure Ashwagandha Supplements for Stress Relief and Energy Support - 100 Gelatin Capsules (4 Pack)

MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS: A natural mood enhancer, this herbal adaptogen supports a healthy response to daily stress and works to strengthen the immune system, boost energy and combat mental fatigue TRUSTED FOR CENTURIES: Ashwagandha root is a potent herb and longtime staple of traditional Ayurvedic medicine that is packed with bioactive compounds shown to support mental and physical vitality CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Our easy to swallow gel caps contain 450mg of ashwagandha (withania somnifera) root dried powder and are minimally processed, non GMO and free of preservatives, dairy, soy and nuts

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