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GN Laboratories Myo Inhibitor, the world’s first and only working over-the-counter pro-anabolic sports-supplement to target the growth inhibitor myostatin, is a true technological breakthrough. Contrary to the majority of the hitherto available muscle builders that was designed to increase skeletal muscle protein synthesis and is thus destined to become less and less efficient the closer a trainee comes to his or her physiological growth limit, Myo Inhibitor breaks through the natural growth plateau by inhibiting the growth limiting increases in myostatin. If you train without Myo Inhibitor that’s like driving without a fastened parking brake: a non-significant part of the exercise and nutrition induced growth stimulus will simply fizzle out. For our product designers here at GN Laboratories the development of an agent that would allow us to keep the endogenous (=your body’s own) myostatin production in check and thus allow for faster and above all steadier muscle gains did thus have top priority on their agenda. Now, after months of research, our research team has finally come up with a supplement that accomplishes just that: Myo Inhibitor is the first natural myostatin inhibitor that actually works.

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