Star Wars: The Mandalorian toy

INSPIRED BY THE TV SERIES: This Star Wars Edition of Monopoly Board Game is inspired by the live action TV series The Mandalorian featured on Disney Plus
Hiding and intake type: As players travel through the galaxy, they buy items from the adventurous galactic world of the child. Hiding places can be converted into community houses.
With play figures “The Child”: Players pull with the child over the game plan, which is lovingly called “Baby Yoda”. The child appears in different poses, i.e. when frogs, sagging, in the power pose or the floating cradle.
For fans who like the child: This board game is suitable for ages 8 and up and is both a galactic gift for fans of the Star Wars The Mandalorian series as well as a great addition to a Star Wars toy collection.
Special game plan: The game plan presents places and items from the Mandalorian series – e.g. Soup bowl, frog, mixing device, razor crest cockpit and razor crest storage space.

13.99 EUR
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