Monopoly “das längste Spiel überhaupt” Board Game, Classic Monopoly Game Principle with Longer Playing Time for Players from 8 Years (German Language Version)

Do you love Monopoly marathons? Then you’ll really love this version! With tortoise and hare game pieces and the longest Monopoly game board ever, showing more and even more properties, this is the longest version of Monopoly. A few small changes in the gameplay ensure endless fun. For example, no auctions are allowed and players collect cash when they land on free parking. No more money left? Then the banknotes are simply torn in half at the marked lines. So, pack your lunch, bring a change of clothes and get ready for a long day of winning with Monopoly “das längste Spiel überhaupt”! The titles Hasbro Gaming and Monopoly as well as the corresponding logos, the design of the game board, the four corner squares, the name and figure of the Mr. Monopoly and all elements of the game board and the game pieces are registered trademarks of Hasbro.

34.99 EUR
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