Hasbro Gaming E4816GC2 Monopoly Voice Banking, Voice Controlled Family Game for Ages 8+, Multicolour

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Monopoly meets language control: In electronic Monopoly Voice Banking, Mr. Monopoly is the banker and handles all money transactions with its voice-controlled cylinder [English language not guaranteed].
You talk - Mr. Monopoly listens: Press a button and say e.g. “Pay rent: Schlossallee”; Mr. Monopoly responds and transfers the money to the other player’s account [English language not guaranteed].
Faster game: On the street exchange fields, you say to Mr. Monopoly, which of your own streets you want to exchange with that of another player. For a fee, you can collect colour groups more quickly and build houses and hotels faster.
No cash and bank cards needed: Mr. Monopoly’s banking cylinder handles all money transactions: buying properties, paying or collecting rent, auctions, account balance queries, etc.
Exciting family game: Monopoly Voice Banking for players aged 8+; 2 to 4 players can play this great family game.

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