Hasbro B6900EU5: Simon Air, Skill and Reaction Game for Children from 8 Years

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1 Simon Air game unit
Game instructions (English language not guaranteed).
3 x 1.5 V AA (LR6) test batteries

Simon Air

Simon Air - light, sound and a vertical SIM flair

Simon is cult and with Simon Air the cult game reaches a whole new dimension. In three-dimensional, vertical design and with new touch-free technology, Simon Air does not press the light buttons like the classic game, but with the hands in the air to float over the light bar. Whether a player alone tests their memory, or 2 players in the team against Simon - with Simon Air the popular Simon game reaches new heights. With sound effects and light bars in the classic Simon colours. Includes 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries for immediate playback.

Watch, notice, repeat

Simon Air challenges players to repeat a pre-set light success. Sounds easy? It is not. Because only if you have a good memory capacity, you can repeat the increasingly prolonged colour patterns and achieve as many points as possible. You can choose between solo mode, two player mode and the classic sim game. 6 different Simon Air actions, in which the player holds both hands simultaneously via 2 lights or a hand without interruption over 3 lights, provide exciting playing moments. With up to 16 different levels to be passed, long-lasting Simon fun is guaranteed. 3 x LR6 (AA) batteries are already included.

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The Simon Air Highlights:

In this Simon edition, a special touch-free technology is used. Here, the buttons are not pressed like the conventional Simon game, but the game unit recognises thanks to different sensors when the player with his hands floats over the light bar. With 7 different actions with different movements, Simon Air really moves into play.

With the help of the function button, you can not only turn on the game, but also choose between four different volume levels. Whether it’s loud, medium, quiet or mute, Simon Air offers the right sound volume for every gaming situation.

Solo mode: Here it is for a player ‘level up’ to play through 16 different levels. If a level has been successfully finished, Simon Air waits for a new level with more difficult light sequences and more difficult movements. If you fail at a level, you have the chance to continue at the next round or start right from the front.

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Two Player Mode: Here 2 players join Simon at the same time and place the game unit between themselves. Now really concentration is hot, because if 4 hands alternately float over the light bar or move through the middle ring, there can be a hand amount. Here the players can show what real teamwork is.

Classic mode For those who love the classic Simon game, Simon Air also offers this variant to repeat the classic light sequences on new Simon Air manners. At the end of the game, the scored points are displayed by lights.

Simon Air is the perfect pastime to train memory and reaction skills in a playful way. Because only those who compete with heads and a quick hand against Simon Air have the chance to win the game. Suitable for 1-2 players aged 8 and above.

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