Twister Ultimate with larger mat and more colour fields, game for families and children aged 6 and up, compatible with Alexa (exclusive only on Amazon)

For indoor and outdoor use: this twister game provides even greater fun. With a turntable and a plastic mat that is twice the size of the original Twister mat and shows even more colour fields, this is the ultimate mood
A great party game: here the party for children, teens and tweens comes going. The game is also great for fun in the family, during a break or to form a team
Can also be played without a rotary disc: then the Twister Spinner Alexa Skill can be used (an Alexa device is sold separately). When using Alexa, the sounds come from the connected echo device
Classic twister fun: have you already played Twister as a child? The crazy game with risk of knots is still a great game for children aged 6 and over
Various game variants: in the game “Spot Elimination”, the play mat is reduced and fields are eliminated. In the game “Spinner’s Choice”, the player who turns the disc selects the next movement

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29.99 EUR
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