Monopoly Classic Board Game for Adults & Children, Family Game, The Classic of Board Games, Community Game for 2 - 6 People, from 8 Years

Choose your favourite toy figure, set to go, dice and off you go! The classic Monopoly game game is all about buying, selling and trading property to win. The more property a player owns, the more rent he can demand. How about the park street, or rather the Munich street? This board game for adults and children over 8 years is all about investing. Event or community cards can flip the sheet. Who will return money and who will go directly to prison? Monopoly rounds off the long days at home with plenty of variety. It is a favourite for family game evening, a great indoor game for children and a fun activity for home. There can only be one winner - who will it be? The titles Hasbro Gaming and Monopoly as well as the corresponding logos, the design of the game plan, the four corner fields, name and figure of the Mr. Monopoly as well as all elements of the game plan and the characters are registered trademarks of Hasbro.

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