THE ELECTRONIC GAME FOR THE HAPPY HIPPOS: Here comes the classic Hippo Flipp game in an action-packed electronic game version. Here, players try to spin their melons into their hippo’s mouth as quickly as possible.
Who mumps 5 melons wins: Who likes watermelons? These hippos are sure to be the best choice. Each player gets 5 watermelons made of plastic. Attention, ready, spin melons! The player whose Hippo is the first to mamp 5 melons wins
Press and release skills: Press the starter with the index finger and then let the finger slide from the starter to spin the melon into the air. Who manages to carry them in the open mouth of his hippo?
MAMPF, MAMPF: The mouths of the hungry hippos open and close themselves and make the game particularly exciting when it comes to getting the watermelons into the mouth of your own hippo. With beginner and professional level
Fun family game: Do you remember to have played the classic hippo flipp even as a child? The electronic Hippo Flipp melon mashing is ideal for a game date or a rainy day.

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