Cluedo Board Game, Various Editions, Suitable for Children from 8 Years (German Language Versions)

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Don’t let yourself get caught: Sometimes honesty is not the best policy…at least in this edition of the Cluedo game. Here, players put their cheating skills to the test when it comes to particularly skilful wheeling and dealing
With Liar Button: Draw an Investigation card and read it out aloud. Whether it’s a Truth card or a Lie card…try to be convincing! If another player thinks you’re lying they can hit the Liar Button
Who, with what and where: In this exciting edition of the classic detective game, players try to solve the mystery of Dr. Black’s murder. The challenge is to find out who did it, with what weapon and in which room the crime took place
Fun family game: Remember playing Cluedo when you were a child? Cluedo “Mogeln und Mauscheln” is a game where the whole family comes together. It is also suitable for play dates and rainy day entertainment. Suitable for children from 8 years

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