Cluedo Board Game, Includes the Ghost of Mrs. White, Detective Game for Children from 8 Years (German Language Version)

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The players receive help from the ghost of Mrs. White: Rolling doubles lets players summon the ghost of the loyal housekeeper. If she’s in a pleasant mood, she might help solve the case. If she’s not… watch out
Includes ghost of Mrs. White cards: This Cluedo board game includes cards that offer instructions given by Mrs. White’s ghost. But you won’t know if she’ll help you or help your opponent solve the murder
Who, with what and where: Solve the mystery of Dr. Black’s death. In this classic detective game, players have to figure out who committed the murder, the weapon used and the room in which it happened
A fun family game: Cluedo brings the whole family together for a fun evening of games. It is also suitable for play dates or to make a rainy day more exciting. Suitable for children from 8 years

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