The Ordinary
Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

­čç╣­čçĚ(TR): Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%, cildi parlakla┼čt─▒r─▒c─▒ faydalar sa─člad─▒─č─▒ kan─▒tlanm─▒┼č, son derece kararl─▒, suda ├ž├Âz├╝n├╝r bir C vitamini t├╝revi. ­čŤĺ(TR).

­čç║­čçŞ(EN): Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% is a highly-stable, water-soluble vitamin C derivative that has been shown to offer enhanced skin-brightening benefits. ­čŤĺ(EN).

12.9 EUR
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