Kenwood kCook Food Processor

The Kenwood kCook Multi Smart food processor makes your kitchen life easier. With the free app - available for iOS and Android, you can access over 600 recipes from your smartphone or tablet and choose your favorite spot. You can prepare delicious and nutritious dishes without pushing a button. If there are any ingredients that you don’t like or that you don’t have at this point, the app will tell you if you can remove it or suggest another alternative ingredient. Thanks to the intelligent scales, connected to the app via Bluetooth, you can weigh all ingredients precisely, the app will inform you when you add the correct weight. If you want to change the amounts, the app will automatically calculate the amount of the other ingredients, so that your dish is right. With the KCook Multi Smart you can prepare meals for up to 10 people. The digital temperature selector allows you to cook between 30 and 180 degrees, so you can do everything from proving bread dough to deep-frying croquettes. Plus, thanks to the Direct Prep Arm, you can grate and cut vegetables in and out of the bowl quickly and easily.

773.35 EUR
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