REDLINE K-9 Bungee All Weather E-Collar Strap

The Redline K9 Perfect Fit Bungee All Weather E-Collar Strap is a replacement strap for Educator and Dogtra E-Collars. The adjustable bungee applies steady and even pressure ensuring the receiver stays in contact with the dogs neck. Once adjusted for your dog the collar can be quickly put on or removed without any further adjustment guaranteeing the right fit every time. Collar is constructed with genuine Biothane and 1/8” bungee. Fits Dogs With Necks 12” - 24” Assembly Instructions: Loosen nut and bolt from one side of the collar and set aside Remove brass D-Ring and set aside Carefully thread Biothane collar through plastic clips on side and back of E-Collar receiver(s) Replace brass D-Ring, nut and bolt Carefully tighten nut and bolt

15.99 USD
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