Dupont Maxijet Lighter Torch Flame - Chrome Grid

S.T. Dupont a design with unbeatable elegance in polished chrome, this maxijet lighter, created by s.t. dupont brand, presents an engraved surface, which is composed of a grid of intersecting lines. all the originality of this lighter comes from the special tactile touch of this special finish. its curved design, shiny surface and slenderness make it an elegant accessory. the quality making the brand reputation this refined brass lighter is also handy : its flame torch is powerful, and a gauge makes it possible to measure the level of gas remaining. Material : Brass, Dimensions (h x l x L cm) : 6.3 x 1.2 x 3.6, Finish : Bright, Color : Chrome, Weight (g) : 42, Type of Flame : Torch, No. of Flames : 1 flame

191.25 USD
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