Frequently Asked Questions

For Travelers
Can I trust my shopper?

Yes, Glocalzone is focused on building a global community of people who can help and trust one another. Additionally, shopper payments are held in escrow, ensuring that shoppers pay for all orders our travelers deliver. We also encourage you to meet with shoppers in public places for safety purposes. These measures are in place so that you can enjoy making money while traveling!

What is Wirecard? Why do I receive the text message from there?

Wirecard is a specialist in global payment solutions and one of Europe's leading providers of electronic real-time payment systems with integrated risk management.

The reason you have received a text message from Wirecard, whenever the transaction completes, you will get paid before that Wirecard approves your account. As a payment provider, they are managing the payment process.

Do I have to take any action?

No. You will get paid automatically right after the shopper accepts delivery.

How can I access my Wirecard account?

You can check on Wirecard panel

What if the price of my item changes after my delivery offer is accepted?

If the price of the item you are delivering changed, the best thing to do is cancel the order, so that your shopper can create a new order with the current price reflected. Once your shopper creates a new order, have them send you the link so you can make a delivery offer. It’s a good idea to buy the item soon after offer acceptance, so you avoid any other price fluctuations. It’s important to let your shopper know that you will be canceling their order, so they can create a new order with the correct price.

How does Glocalzone work for traveler?

With Glocalzone, you can subsidize your trip every time your travel. Our travelers usually deliver a handful of items and earn upwards of $100 per trip. Not only will you make money traveling, you’ll meet amazing locals along the way.

In order to add your travel information and get paid, it is required to provide your Government ID number, IBAN of your bank account, current working phone number and your birthday.

Once you have provided the information you will able to add your travel and start waiting for shoppers to send product requests for you.

Am I allowed to cancel an order after a shopper accepts my delivery offer?

Once you make a delivery offer, it is expected that you are fully able to bring this item to your shopper.

If you are no longer able to travel to your shopper’s city due to a medical or family emergency, message them as soon as possible so that they can find another traveler.

Note that frequent cancellations will result in suspension from our platform.

Do I have to accept every request I got?

No. Many shoppers may send you requests. You can accept as many as you would like to.

Why do I need to buy my shopper’s item?

There are three main reasons why it’s important to buy your shopper’s item.

* to ensure that you know exactly what item you are packing into your suitcase

* to comply with TSA and air security regulations around the world

* to prevent financial fraud or risk that your shopper will not show up or the chance of a traveler taking the item

Why do I need to provide my Government ID number, IBAN of my bank account, my phone number and birthday?

Glocalzone provides the safest environment for all users. So that we provide a secure payment system working with payment provider stakeholders and this information is required to complete your transaction safety with the payment provider.

The IBAN of your bank account and the phone number should be registered on Turkey.

When do I get paid?

Right after you delivered the product you should notify the shopper by clicking 'Delivered Product' button. If the shopper approves the acceptance of the product and notifies you, you will get paid between 24 hours and 36 hours. Otherwise, you have to wait for 5 days.

Am I paid in my local currency?

Currently,Glocalzone operates in Turkish Liras. In soon, other currencies will be added too.

How do I contact my shopper?

Glocalzone has a built-in messenger where you can chat with your shopper directly. It’s important to confirm your order details, like size, color and specs, before buying their item. You should also use our messenger to coordinate a delivery time and place. If there is ever a dispute with your shopper, your messages serve as a written record.

How do I know the item I am delivering is safe to carry?

Since you will be the one buying the item, you will know what you are packing. However, make sure that the item is allowed into the country you are traveling to.

What if my shopper refuses to pay me?

Your shopper already paid for their order when they accepted your delivery offer, so it is in their best interest to receive their order. Sometimes, shoppers forget to update their order as “delivered,” so remind them during your meeting. They need to confirm delivery in order for you to get paid. Otherwise, please contact our customer service team so we can help.

My shopper wants me to cancel their order but I already bought their item.

If you already purchased their item, you are not obligated to cancel the order. However, if you’ve kept a copy of your receipt, you can return it to the online retailer where you bought it. This way, both you and your shopper are reimbursed.

What happens if I incurred extra expenses purchasing or delivering a product?

As stated in our terms and in our FAQ on customs, the traveller is responsible for any and all customs fees associated with the item they are delivering.

We encourage both shoppers and travelers to anticipate any fees, such as customs and shipping costs, ahead of time and to add this extra amount into the traveler fee.

What if my shopper doesn’t show up?

If your shopper doesn’t show up, message them to schedule a new time and place to meet. Since they already paid for their order, it is in their best interest to meet with you. If your shopper has not replied to you after several attempts, please email our customer service team so we can help.

Where do I meet my shopper?

It’s up to you and your shopper to determine a time and place to meet. For safety purposes, we suggest public spaces like your hotel lobby, a nearby cafe is or park. It is not customary to deliver an order to your shopper’s home or a private address.

Can I use a courier service to deliver my shopper's order?

Glocalzone is a community and not a courier service, so we recommend in-person deliveries for security reasons. Please note that Glocalzone is not responsible for shipping made via courier or third party services.

If your shopper anticipates not being able to meet with you in person once you arrive in his or her city, you can send the item via a courier service. Make sure that this added expense is included in your traveler fee. Glocalzone is not responsible for lost items or damages.