Frequently Asked Questions

For Shoppers
How do I communicate with my traveler?

Glocalzone is a worldwide community that depends on traveler and shopper communication. In order to ensure that you get the item that you want, you'll need to communicate with your traveller at times in the buying process.You can check the latest travels and send product requests.

How do I create an order?

Right after you add your product to on your inventory, you can start sending product request traveler.

How does Glocalzone work for shopper?

Glocalzone is the go-to way to shop for products that aren’t available in your country or are too expensive to buy locally. You can order just about anything on Glocalzone, from baby clothes and kids toys to tech gadgets and nutritional supplements.

Add the product in your inventory that you are willing to get

Once you have added your product, you can send request any traveler on Glocalzone.The information of the product should be correct as far as possible.

Wait for travelers to accept your product requests

Once you have added your product, you can send request any traveler on Glocalzone.

Agree on a monetary reward for your traveler

After the traveler accepts your request, you can talk on the details such as the traveler's reward. If there is price change on the product you are willing to have, you can replace it with the new price request. If your traveler doesn’t deliver your order for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Meet with your traveler and receive your item

Coordinate a time and public place to meet your traveler. When you receive your item, make sure to confirm delivery so that your traveler gets paid.

What can I order on Glocalzone?

Glocalzone is the go-to way to shop for products that aren’t available in your country or are too expensive to buy locally.

Many shoppers order items on from the following online stores: Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Macy’s, Apple, Sephora, Nike, Best Buy, Gucci and Louis Vuitton among others.

Our shoppers order all sorts of items, from collectibles and books to baby clothes and toys to the latest tech gadgets. You can even delight your tastebuds with snacks from all over the world!

What can not to I order on Glocalzone?

Remember, with Glocalzone you are connecting with a real person who will buy your item and deliver it to your city. Unlike shipping and courier companies, our travelers need to be able to fit your item into their suitcase

Items that are particularly large, heavy or bulky may not receive any delivery offers because it will be difficult to transport. You also should not order any item that is illegal in your country.

Can I request two items in one order?

Yes, you can request up to 3 units of the same item within one order. If you plan on creating several different orders, you can message the travelers who sent you delivery offers to let them know that you have more offers they can bid on. It’s usually easier to accept multiple items from the same traveler.

What happens after I send a product request?

After you’ve added a product in your invertory, you can send your request any on listed travel owners.Then you can wait them to accept.

My request has not responded.

We notify and remind the traveler whenever they get a request. However, there is no acceptance or decline, you can send a request to another traveler.

Can I message potential travelers?

You can not send a message to travelers unless they accept your requests. If you still want to add an important note, you can add it on the product description field.

The traveler accepted my request.What now?

Now, you can start having a conversation with the traveler. The traveler will send two requests, Traveler Reward,Product Price.

Right after you accept the requests you can continue with Start Payment. After successful payment process, the only thing you to do is wait for the traveler to deliver your product. Then you can approve your delivery by Received Product.

Traveler reward request: That is a fee for a traveler to bring the product to you.

Product Price: It's the price of the product you are willing to order. In some conditions, the prices of the product might change during your order. To prevent possible conflicts you can update the price right before making payment.

How much should I give for the traveler?

Glocalzone, does not have any limitaion on the traveler fee. You can offer any amount you want to offer.

Can I edit my product?

Unfortunately, you can not edit your products. Instead, you can add a new product if you like.

Do I have to accept Traveler Reward?

No, you do not need to accept a Traveler Reward. Once you do accept an Traveler Reward, however, you are committed to the payment of your order and associated fees. If you would like your item to arrive faster, it’s recommended to accept the first Traveler Reward you receive after you negotiate.

When am I charged for my order?

When you accept a Traveler Reward from a traveler and Product Price, your credit card on file is charged for the total amount of the order, this will include the product price + traveler reward + Glocalzone fee. Your payment is put into Glocalzone's secure escrow account and only released to the traveler after you confirm delivery

Who pays for the item?

After you accept a delivery offer you like, our payment processor, Wirecard, will put the price of the item, the commission the shopper pays to Glocalzone and the traveler’s monetary reward in escrow. Initially, your traveler uses his or her own money to purchase your item. Upon confirming delivery of your item, Wirecard will release your payment to the traveler. To ensure that both shopper and traveler are protected, we guarantee the money in our escrow account.

Why does my traveler buy my item?

Your traveler buys your item so that he or she can receive, pack and travel with your item. This also encourages responsibility of the traveler. Glocalzone is not a courier service and we don’t allow shoppers to order packages. Each requested item should fit inside a traveler’s carry-on or checked suitcase.

Why do I need to pay in advance?

This is for the protection of both you and your traveler.To learn more about how we keep both shoppers and travelers safe.

Your payment is put into Glocalzone's secure escrow account and only released to the traveler after you confirm delivery. This incentivizes your traveler to purchase and deliver your product as soon as possible.

Why is there a service fee?

Glocalzone charges shoppers a service fee to cover transaction and development fees. This includes running operations and providing support among other business expenses.

What is Traveler Reward?

This is the amount of money you will pay your traveler for delivering your item. Remember, your traveler needs to buy, pack and travel with your item.

How do I contact my traveler?

Glocalzne has a built-in messenger where you can chat with your traveler directly. It’s important to confirm your order details, like size, color and specs, before your traveler buys your item. You should also use our messenger to coordinate a delivery time and place. If there is ever a dispute with your traveler, your messages serve as a written record.

Where do I pick up my order?

It’s up to you and your traveler to determine a time and place to meet. For safety purposes, travelers typically suggest public spaces like their hotel lobby, a nearby cafe or park. Remember that travelers are often newcomers to your city and do not know the city well. It is not recommended for travelers to deliver your order to your home or a private address.

How do I know that my traveler will deliver my order?

Glocalzone is focused on building a global community of people who can help and trust each other.

We also encourage you to meet with travelers in public places for convenience and safety. If you haven’t heard back from your traveler regarding your in-person meeting, contact our customer service team so we will help.

My traveler didn't show up.

If your traveler didn’t show up to your confirmed meeting place, send them a message via our messenger to see if there was some confusion and/or to set up an alternate time.

If your traveler has not communicated a change in their plans and your order is up to (2) days late, you are eligible for a refund. If so, our customer service team can facilitate.

Can my traveler ship or courier my product to me?

Glocalzone is a community and not a courier service, so we only allow in-person deliveries. Please note that Glocalzne is not responsible for shipping made via courier or third party services.

If you anticipate not being able to meet with your traveler once he or she arrives to your city, you can arrange for a local courier service to drop off your item. Make sure this added expense is reflected in your order's traveler fee. Glocalzone is not responsible for lost items or damages.

I want to cancel my order.

If you have not yet make the payment, you can cancel an order. Once you make an payment, you are committed to the payment of your order and associated fees.

You can also message your traveler to find out if he or she has already purchased your item. If not, they are often willing to cancel the order from their end so that you are reimbursed.

What happens if my traveler cancels my order?

In the rare event that your traveler cancels your order, we'll work on matching your order with another traveler so that you can get your item at exactly the same price and around the same time as you originally desired.

My order arrived without packaging.

Travelers often remove items from their packaging so that it fits inside their suitcase. If your item is valuable or you prefer to receive your order in its original packaging, please communicate this to your traveler ahead of time. If your item is difficult to pack with the packaging or requires a larger suitcase, your traveler may ask for more money.

My order arrived broken or incomplete.

As the shopper, you have the right to accept or not to accept the item, if the condition of the item is not as agreed upon (wrong color, wrong item, wrong quantity, or if it’s damaged or broken).

Make sure to inspect your order before confirming delivery. Shoppers are given a 24-hour grace period where they can report an order as damaged or incomplete.

Please note that Glocalzone is not responsible for damaged items. We encourage travelers to purchase travel insurance that covers damages due to lost luggage, etc.