Frequently Asked Questions

General Info
What community guidelines do you have in place for me to feel safe?

Glocalzone should always be a safe space for every member of our community. To enforce this, we’ve created guidelines and rules to follow when interacting with other members.

Be Polite

Glocalzone is a community and not a courier service, so treat others with respect. Glocalzone will not tolerate profanities, abusive language or rude treatment of any member of our community. It is never appropriate to stalk or threaten any Glocalzone user or an employee of the company.

Respond to Messages

We encourage shoppers and travelers to reply to messages within 48 hours. For travelers, please update your shoppers within 24 hours before your arrival date to avoid causing your shopper unnecessary worry and inconvenience.

Don’t transact outside of Glocalzone

Glocalzone provides a secure escrow payment and messaging system to guarantee shoppers receive their products and travelers receive payment upon delivery. Transacting outside of Glocalzone violates community values and rules and is against both shopper and traveler security.

If you are asked to order/deliver items outside the Glocalzone platform, please report this to our team immediately via this link:

Complete Your Profile

At Glocalzone, we never display personal information like your home address or credit card details. That said, filling out your profile will help you get the most out of our platform. Shoppers are more likely to accept offers from travelers with a profile picture and who have posted their upcoming travel dates.

If you violate any of these guidelines outlined above, you will receive a warning email. After a second warning email, we will proceed with blocking your Glocalzone account.

Is Glocalzone legal?

Glocalzone does not condone any illegal activity. Travelers have full control over what items they choose to make delivery offers on. Since they have to first buy the shopper’s item with their own money—and from reputable sites like Amazon—they know exactly what is going into their suitcase.

The Glocalzone platform terms of use require compliance with international flight and airport security regulations as well as with international import/export and customs law. Glocalzone is a platform that will connect shoppers and travelers to help get items from other countries. We recommend you research the customs rules of country you are visiting/ordering from in advance.

Additionally, we have measures in place to prevent illegal items or substances from being ordered. Any orders that violate our terms of use are promptly flagged and removed so that our community of travelers do not make delivery offers on these orders.

Do you have an Android app?

Yes, we do! Head to the Google Play store to download.

Do you have an iOS app?

Yes, we do! Head to App Store to download.

Is the Glocalzone app free to use?

Yes, the Glocalzone app is 100% free to use. For shoppers, after you receive your item, we collect a service fee to cover our transaction fees and operation costs.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please click "reset password" on the login page and we’ll email you a secure password reset link.

How do I delete my account?

Please send a request to our customer service team and we will facilitate.