Find out how you can shop faster!
How Can I Shop Faster?
Glocalzone A.October 10, 2020
  1. When creating your order, make sure you choose all the countries you prefer your order from.

No order will be left without a traveler in the limitless world of Glocalzone! 🤩


  1. Remember that we match you with the best fitting travels for your order. So, don’t forget to “See All” of the matched travels and start a conversation!🤝
  1. Make your deal with the traveler and complete your payment as early as possible before the travel date. This way, the traveler will have enough time to buy the product(s) you requested.
  1. Be sure to respond quickly to travelers! 🎉 Be fast and make a deal while they still have enough space in their luggage.

Let’s start shopping for your orders, but much faster than before! 😍