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Glocalzone .August 1, 2020

How much do you spend during your travels? How much can you make with Glocalzone?

We reached out to the Glocalzone travelers and asked “What do you spend most of your money on while traveling?” and here is what we found:

For a 5 day United States trip, a round trip flight costs 400€ on average, and accommodation costs 600€ on average.

Did you know that you could make around 1100€ by using Glocalzone during this trip? [Here is an example!] (

What can you do to make even more money?

  1. You need to provide accurate travel details and choose the categories of products you want to bring precisely.
  1. Glocalzone is a community that brings together travelers and shoppers who want to help each other. The more helpful and polite you are, the better your traveler rating will get. A higher rating means more demand for your travels, and more earnings accordingly!
  1. Research the product’s price and details before accepting a request, and don’t forget to add a payout method!
  1. Check the orders you match thoroughly. You might make more money than you think on the pending products!

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