Vodafone users get 100 TL discount on their first purchase! 💵
100 TL Discount with Vodafone Yanımda App! 🤝
Glocalzone A.April 1, 2021

Good news for Vodafone users! 🎉

You will earn 100 TL discount with the code you get from the “Vodafone Yanımda” app for your first purchase over 1500 TL at Glocalzone. 🤑


1.Download Vodafone Yanımda 📱 application from here.

2.Click the “Advantages” button and go to “Fırsatlar Dünyası” 🌏.

3.From “Shopping” 🛍 category, find Glocalzone campaign.

4.Click the button and get your code.

If you have already downloaded the Vodafone Yanımda application, go to the campaign from here and grab your code!

  1. At the payment stage, enter your code in the “Enter Coupon” field.

That’s all you have to do. 🤩Your 100 TL discount will be transferred back to your balance when you complete your first purchase. 💵

❗️ The campaign can only be used once. Campaign codes are for single use only and cannot be combined with other campaigns.

❗️ Campaign codes are only valid for the “Pay Later” option, they cannot be used for “Pay Now”.