Don't worry if you can't find the product you're looking for, it's easy to add the product you want! ❤️
How to Add a Product?
Glocalzone A.August 26, 2020
  1. Click the “Start Shopping” button in Discover.
  1. Write the name of the product in the “search” bar.
  1. Click “create order” if you find the product.
  1. If the product is not on Glocalzone yet, click “add product with a link” at the bottom of the page.
  1. Paste the product link or go to the browser to search for the product.
  1. You have selected the product! Move to the next step by adding the product details.
  1. You can update the details of the product on this page. Click “Next Step” and create your order.
  1. You can add another product to your order or a note on this page. Don’t forget to choose the country you want the product from. You have double checked your order! Let’s start!
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