It's time to boost your order!
How Can I Boost My Order?
Glocalzone A.February 12, 2021

Do you want travelers to see your order first and to increase the chance of getting your order? We created the “Boost Order” feature for you! Boost your order and travelers will see your order first.

How it works? Here are your steps:

  1. Click the “Orders” button on the discover.
  1. Click on the order you want to boost.
  1. Click the “Boost Order” button.
  1. Click the button below to boost your order for a day and make your payment.
  1. Your order will be shown first to the travelers and you can track how many times it has been viewed!

Thousands of shoppers continue to add new orders every day on Glocalzone. Boost your order now, get ahead of other orders!

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