Will I only pay the product price?
When do I have to pay for my order?
Glocalzone .June 15, 2020

Once you and the traveler agree on the product price and the reward amount, the next step is for you to pay for your order. This payment includes product price, traveler reward, and Glocalzone service fee. Your payment is kept safely at Glocalzone until the confirmation of the delivery.

How is the traveler reward determined?
Glocalzone suggests travelers a reward amount according to the product price. You and the shopper can negotiate on the reward and change it if desired. You should inform the traveler about anticipated extra fees of purchasing the product, and add it to the reward amount.

How is the Glocalzone service fee determined? Why do I have to pay for it?

Glocalzone service fee is an automatically calculated fee that’s determined by the product price. The amount can be seen in the summary section of the chat with travelers. The fee is taken so that Glocalzone can sustain and better its services

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