Find out how to join a world of opportunities with Glocalzone Card!
Join A World of Opportunities With Glocalzone Card!
Glocalzone A.November 1, 2020

Withdraw your money right away using the Glocalzone Card in cooperation with the Ininal, and shop over advantageous exchange rates all over the world! Contact us on to get your card, and we’ll send it to you for free.

What can you do with your Glocalzone Card?

📍Benefit from advantageous exchange rates when you withdraw money all over the world.

📍Use your Glocalzone Card for your shoppings on Glocalzone, and get half of the service fee for free!

📍Benefit from the discounts exclusive to your card for your shopping from contracted brands.

📍Pay securely in your domestic and foreign shoppings with your Ininal on VISA POS everywhere.

There are some steps you should follow to use your Ininal card on Glocalzone:

💸 Increase the limit of your Ininal Card! But how?

📝 You can start the limit increase process following these steps: “Ininal Wallet > Profile > Account > Increase Limit”!

For further information: 👉🏼

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