Find out how you can buy a product!
How to Buy a Product?
Glocalzone A.October 5, 2020
  1. Search the product you want on Glocalzone, select the product, and create your order. 🙂 If you couldn’t find your product on Glocalzone, no worries! You can easily add products by entering their details. ⬇️
  1. Click the “Add Product via Link” button to add your product(s).
  1. Search them on the internet and when you find them, click the “Choose Link” button.

🚨Attention: When choosing the product’s link, consider which country you want to buy it from and select a link where travelers can buy the product easily. This way, you’ll speed up the deal stage and have the most accurate price information.

  1. Make sure you have entered the product information correctly. Then, you may create an order directly for the product you added! In the “Order Summary”, be sure to choose all the “Preferred Countries” you want to buy the products from! 🙂 So, you can be matched with travelers traveling on that route.
  1. Start conversation with the travelers from the matched travels right away and agree on order details. Wait for the traveler to confirm the product price and traveler reward.
  1. Once the traveler confirms, you can make your payment. ✅ Your payment won’t be transferred to the traveler until you ensure that you receive the products and control them. Your money is always safe in your Glocalzone account!
  1. That’s it, set the delivery details with the traveler, receive your order, and confirm that you received it. You got your order!